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In order for Google Adsense Tips

Because business PPC (Paid Per Click) from google is google adsense is a big business and not playing games then it is definitely not your application form must be received by the google. Maybe it could be because tidk relevant content, or language, or perhaps less support because the amount of traffic your website or blog is still small. All of it was just great possibilities, the reason why your adsense application rejected that know the truth only from google itself.
And here are some tips for you on google adsense-Constitution, but can not be 100% likely approve the google. And follow-tipsnya tips:

  1. Web sites or blogs you speak English.
  2. Already many posts articles english, yes MINIMAL 30 ARTICLES.
  3. Design your blog or website should also be neat. But not necessarily interactive, just a neat course.
  4. Having a website or blog visitors TRAFFIC HIGH, therefore you must be diligent promotion of your blog or website.
  5. DO NOT CHEAT in increasing web traffic or your blog, ie you write a comment on a blog or a web message of your own property, etc..
  6. Do not have too much copy and paste articles,  make some modification if you must be plagiarist.
  7. Many in pray to approve and PATIENT. Do not give up.

Note: many who choose the short way and managed its success but unfortunately did not last long because of getting caught. Hehehehe peace

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